Dimout, Blackout and Voile what is the difference?

What does voile mean? What does dimout mean? What does blackout mean?

You may have seen these words dotted around our website and been a little confused by what they mean. Which is best for you? Luckily we have a little summary describing these 3 features below:

Voile Blinds

These are a relatively new type of blind, but one that is a perfect replacement for horrible net curtains. These blinds are commonly referred to as ‘sheer blinds’, ‘voile blinds’ or privacy blinds. These are a thin, white or neutral coloured mesh-like material that let lots of light into your home, but at the same time prevent people from looking into your home, hence the term 'Privacy blinds'. So during the day keep them down and you’ll get the benefit of the light whilst maintaining your privacy. This material is built onto a roller blind tube and components, so they can be rolled up and out of the way when you need to access the window.

Coming in several neutral colours and styles, these are great for any window that need privacy during the day. So if you have windows that look out onto a pavement or street are a prime candidate for a voile blind. Once night sets in and your room is brighter than it is outside the privacy element of this blind switches, so people will be able to see in whilst you struggle to see out. Just something to bear in mind.

Dimout Blinds

A roller blind in a window letting a small amount of light in, almost making the fabric glow when the sun hits it directly. These blinds are perfect for any room in your home, and if you are a deep sleeper, can go in a bedroom. The material is not too thick or too thin, but come in a huge range of colours, with everything from shades of white and cream, through to greys, browns and blacks. Dimout blinds are also the most common type of material to have patterns printed onto them. Again, when hit with light from behind they illuminate and the pattern is brought to life with the colour and vibrancy shining through.

If you've got a specific colour in mind then bets are that we will have it as a dimout blind. Now, annoyingly because of the way each fabric is produced and how our blinds are made, we can't turn a dimout roller blind into a black out blind, for a truly blackout blind have a look at the next section.

One question we get a lot too is are our made to measure wooden blinds blackout or dimout? Now, this is a hard one as obviously the wooden slats are blackout, they stop the light fully. But between each slat is a small gap, there is then the hole in the slat for the internal cords to run through and also there is a gap at the sides. So whilst we don't class them as blackout, you will find that a wooden Venetian blind is 95% blackout, and most people will be able to use these in their bedroom without any issue.

Black out Blinds

These are the only type of blind we say to install in a bedroom. The material is called ‘blackout’ because it blocks 100% of the light from passing through it.

That goes for all colours too – white or black – they will all stop the light from passing through them.  Coming in a slightly smaller number of colours than the dimout blinds, these are still an incredibly popular type of blind for most rooms in the home. Struggling with glare on your TV? A blackout blind will stop that. Need to help your children sleep in the summer? Blackout blinds will help there too. Honestly, once you’ve slept in a room with these types of blinds you’ll wonder how you ever coped before.

Now one thing to bear in mind is that although the fabric is black out, there will be a small gap at the edges where the fabric is a little bit narrower (35mm to be exact) than the brackets.