Adjusting a Perfect Fit blind

Does the tension cord / string go in or outside the perfect fit frame? How do I add tension to the Perfect Fit blind?

When you receive your Perfect Fit blind it should be ready to go and shouldn't need adjustment once built. However sometimes in transport, the tension cord/string may have come loose. Lucky there is an easy fix.

The frame needs to be built before it is installed. Once built, check the tension string is running inside of the frame on the sides and on the underside of the frame at the top and bottom, so you can't see the cords when the blind is installed. 

On the underside of the bottom of the frame, there is a metal clasp with two screws in, as shown below. This is on the underside of the bottom bar on the frame. If you loosen these screws a half turn (but not all the way out) you will be able to tighten and loosen the string to allow for different levels of tension. It's best to have one hand on the end of the spare cord to prevent it being pulled back into the clasp. 

To increase the tension, loosen the 2 screws and pull more of the loose cord through, and if the blinds are too stiff, release some of the cord back through the clasp to relax the tension. 

Tighten the screws up and re-install the frame on your door or window.