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How do I install Perfect fit or Eco-fit blinds?

Installing perfect fits or eco-fit blinds

Perfect Fit Install Video 

Eco-Fit Blinds Install Video

How To Tighten Your Blinds

Over time and with use these blinds can become slightly slack, causing the bottom bar and material to close on its own or not hold in place are required. For this, you will need to locate the spring at the bottom of the blind, this will be under the bottom frame for the PerfectFit blinds, and under the bottom bar on your EcoFit blind. Next to the spring and along that cord will be 2 screws that need to be loosened slightly. Then pull the tail end of the string away from the spring to increase the tension. Without letting go of the tightened cord, tighten the 2 screws. Your blinds will now be re-tensioned. Repeat as nessecary or reverse this process to loosen the blinds tension. 

Child Safety

Both our Perfect Fit and EcoFit blinds are child safe by design, with any cords being tight and flush against your window frame or contained within the PerfectFit frame.