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How do I measure for a vertical blind?

Measuring for a vertical blind

Standard Window - Recess Fitting Instructions

Step 1: Measure the width of your recess in three locations. The top, middle and bottom. Record the smallest measurement.


Step 2: Measure the drop of your recess in three locations. The left, middle and right. Record the smallest measurement.

Step 3: Use the smallest measurement for the width and the drop when placing your order and don’t forget to select the ‘recess’ option.

Hint: Check your window recess for any obstructions such as tiles or picture rails. If you do have an obstruction, make sure you measure off this point. A deduction of 5mm will be made to the overall width to ensure an easy, yet snug fit when you select the ‘recess’ option at the point of order. A deduction of 10mm will make to the overall drop to ensure no dragging along the window sill.

Blind Size Measuring Instructions

Step 1: Measure the outside of your window recess from one side to the other, from the point you want the edge of the blind to start to the other.


Step 2: Measure the outside of your window recess from the top to the bottom, from the height at which you want the headrail positioned, down to the point you want the bottom of the veins to finish.

Step 3: When placing your order, make sure you select the ‘Blind Size’ option.

Hint:  We recommend a minimum of a 70mm overlap past the window recess, that’s 35mm on each side. This ensures total coverage of the recess. Your new blind will bemade to your exact measurements with no deductions to the width, or the drop.