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How do I measure for a Skylight blind?

Struggling to work out your skylight window size?

How To Measure 

If you can't find the code for your window then don't fret, just grab a tape measure, measure the visible glass width and drop, and from there head over to our MEASURING GUIDE and pair up your sizes with our chart. 

Our replacement blinds are not made by the window manufacturer but are a high-quality replacement at a fraction of the price of a branded one, some would argue ours are better...but that’s not for us to claim. Coming in 40+ colours and with a brushed aluminium frame or powder coated white frame, these are simple to install and will give you great looking roof window blind in your home.

Now, most companies will ask you for the model code, and we do too – but we also know that sometimes codes fall off, get painted over or you've moved in somewhere and have no idea what you've been left with. In this case, we've got our tape measure out and measured all the windows, so even if you don't know the model or make, we can still help you find a skylight blind to fit your window.

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