How to tension a skylight blind

Our skylight blinds will need to be tensioned to work at their best, if you find your blind is opening on its own, or not staying where you placed it, we have the answer.

Our skylight blinds have a cord that runs down inside each side channel. 


On these is a small nut with the cord that runs down through it. This is loosened and tightened by using the small Allen key supplied to release or tighten the nut. 


To increase the tension on your blind you will first need to have the blind up so you can access the cords.  Using the Allen key supplied, slacken the Allen bolt slightly so that the metal nut can freely move up and down the cord. Doing one side at a time, slide the nut up the cord a few centimeters and lock in place by tightening the Allen bolt. 


Repeat on the other side and clip the cords back into place at the bottom of the blind side channels.


This will have re-tensioned the blind and depending on how much you increased the tension will depend on how stiff it is to close the blind. 


To slacken the nuts, reverse the process and slide the nuts down the cords slightly, always keeping the tension even on each cord.