What is the size of the roller blind top tube?

Tube length and diameter on our roller blinds

Great question and unfortunately it is not a one blind fits all answer! This will always vary on the product and most importantly size of the blind.

As a rule of thumb, we supply a roller blind under 1.8m wide (180cm) on a 32mm diameter aluminium tube. Once you start to go over this the tube increases in size and the brackets increase in size to support the added weight. On any roller blind over 180cm, the roller blind tube is 40mm in diameter and the brackets are slightly larger to accommodate. We even have a 45mm diameter aluminium tube but that’s only used on blinds over 3m in width and over a certain drop.

It is always best to email us with your intended measurements and we'll get back to you: info@makemyblinds.co.uk

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